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The Training Center, at Garland Studio, offers an extensive slate of activities, training seminars and special events. Please check the Upcoming Events » page for what's ahead.

Garland Studio is the Los Angeles Training Center for Romana's Pilates.

Led by Trish Garland and other high level instructors certified by Romana Kryzanowska, Garland Studio offers the purest advanced training in the authentic Joe Pilates Method.


romana's pilates certification

In association with True Pilates in New York, Garland Studio is home to the following advanced instruction in the authentic Joe Pilates Method through Romana's Independent Instructor Training Program.

Please view Romana's Pilates Information Packet, for more extensive information about our courses.

Joe Pilates inspirational watercolorThe following are available At Garland Studio in
Sherman Oaks, CA:

Initial Assessment »
The initial assessment is the first step on the rewarding journey of becoming a Romana's Pilates Instructor. We recognize that each candidate comes to us with various levels of experience and knowledge in the method and so we assist each applicant to prepare for the assessment and enrollment according to their specific needs.

During the assessment, candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level on key pieces of apparatus and show a basic understanding of the principles of Pilates. Enrollment to the program is open to applicants who have been formally assessed and cleared by an authorized instructor.

Certification Stages 1, 2 and 3 »
The Program is structured as 3 stages - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each student must accomplish the activities within each stage before progressing to the next level. Following completion of all three levels, newly certified Instructors are presented a Certificate of Achievement signed by Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter and level 1 instructor, Sari Meija Santo.

Basic Seminar »
This will teach the foundation principles of Joe Pilates basic system on all the equipment.

The breakdown of each exercise
Explanation of the purpose of each exercise
Teaching of verbal and tactile cueing skills
Spotting techniques
Explanation of the equipment, use and spring setting versatility

Intermediate Seminar »
This will build upon the foundation from the basic seminar with completely different exercises. The intermediate seminar increases in difficulty for both the instructor and client. It is considered the "bread and butter" of the work.

The breakdown of each exercise
Explanation of the purpose of each exercise
Teaching of verbal and tactile cueing skills
Spotting techniques

Advanced Seminar »
This seminar continues to build upon the work with exercises of greater difficulty. This will prepare the instructor with a higher skill set for the most experienced client.

The breakdown of each exercise
Explanation of the purpose of each exercise
Teaching of verbal and tactile cueing skills
Spotting techniques

Each stage consists of the following activities:

Group Seminar »
During the 3 day seminar, instructor trainers provide a detailed overview of all exercises associated with that stage. The focus is on learning, understanding, performing and teaching.

Independent Study »
Students are expected to complete 200-300 hours of observation (per stage) at an authorized studio and use this time to review, practice and reinforce what was learned during the seminar.

Private Lessons »
One-on-one sessions with our Certified Instructors are required for students to integrate the method into their own bodies with a focus on technique, precision and flow.

Stage Assessment »
Upon completion of the above activities for each stage, the student is evaluated through a practical assessment of competency at teaching and administering exercises, with an additional written element for stage 2 and 3.


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Pilates is for men, women and children of all ages.

training seminars

At Garland Studio, The Training Center offers ongoing education, with a focus on the following:

Super-Advanced Reformer
Aging Client
Case Studies

Trish Garland and Romana

Continuing Pilates Education (CPE)

To maintain the consistency and quality of the Romana's Pilates IITP all of our instructors must complete at least one CPE event per year to maintain their certification. Our regular continuing education events draw instructors together from around the world to enhance skills, refresh the body and work the mind. In fact, our Instructors are so passionate about what they teach many of them attend multiple CPE events each year - Joseph Pilates never stopped learning and neither will we!

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